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Modular Myths

Uncovering and explaining 3 of the most common Modular Myths

2024 has come and is off to a cracking start, so to make it even better, we’re uncovering and explaining three of the most common modular myths.

Chances are that you’re thinking about going modular in 2024, and trust us, you’re thinking in the right direction. But we get you may have a few clouds hanging over your head about modular. So to help you, we’re uncovering and explain three common myths about modular.

1. Modular Buildings are temporary

It’s clear that modular is the best solution for temporary building requirements, but that’s not all that this industry has to offer. Modular buildings are just as permanent as traditional buildings are, the only difference being that they can be relocated from one location to another, if required. In fact, modular buildings can be used for far more applications and situations than traditional buildings, as they’re much more versatile and adaptable.

2. Modular is cheap

The concept of modular and cheap are often put together by many, but the reality is that modular buildings are far from cheap. Modular buildings are constructed with the same materials, and in the same way as traditional buildings. The fact is that modular buildings are built in environments that have a much higher level of quality control than traditional construction. At Tasbuilt Commercial, 80% of the build is constructed in our factory, where every stage is checked and completed to a very high standard, resulting in a high-quality building.

3. Not flexible enough / Restrictive design

A common visualisation of modular homes are multiple boxes stacked up on one another, which often makes out for a restrictive, inflexible idea of modular design. Unfortunately, this is far from what it actually is. At Tasbuilt Commercial, we have a range of standard building designs, but you can either customise these to suit you, or come up with a total custom plan, and the chances are, we’ll be able to build it modular for you. Modular has very limited restrictions, and a world of possibilities!

So, that’s three common modular myths uncovered and explained! You can be confident that modular building is the way to go, and with Tasbuilt Commercial, you’ll be getting the best of modular in Tasmania!


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