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Modular Buildings

There are many pros to choosing modular buildings, here are just a few key benefits...

6 Key Benefits To Modular Buildings

Why are prefabricated, modular developments so much better than the traditional building process done on-site? The 'modular methodology' makes for cost-effective projects, rapid build times, minimum site disruption, better quality control, and far eco-friendlier construction.

1. Less Hassle

Tasbuilt’s unique off-site construction process and end-to-end service takes the hassle out of building your new project. Our highly organised team takes care of the entire process for you, from initial design and council approvals, through to construction, the connection of services onsite, and even furnishings and fit-out! You don't have to juggle multiple trades and suppliers for months on end, we take care of your whole build to make sure it's streamlined, stress-free, and completed with the highest quality craftsmanship and finishes.

2. Quality Control

If you are rolling out your development in stages, the benefits of utilising the same team for each stage (, construction, exterior finishes, interior decor) has massive advantages and will translate to a more cohesive build as our team will know your project inside-out. A streamlined project run by one company means less room for error and mishaps, resulting in higher quality workmanship and a development you'll be proud of for years to come.

3. Minimal Disruption

Choosing a modular, prefabricated building means minimal disruption to your business or work site. All our projects are prebuilt in our Westbury factory, lessening the impact of the new development on the day-to-day activities of your staff/patrons or the running of your business. It also greatly minimises the dirt/dust that construction work brings, mitigates safety and security risks onsite, and the inconvenience of having tradespeople and suppliers coming and going constantly.

4. Faster Process

Constructing your modular building in Tasbuilt's protected, offsite, controlled facility means no weather delays to your project. Also, having a stable, dedicated team of tradespeople working set hours on your build ensures an efficient, reliable development timeline.

5. Cost-Effective

Our project's pre-determined, fixed-price contracts ensure no hidden costs or budget blowouts. Predictable construction in controlled factory conditions means no prolonged payments from weather delays. Having a stable, qualified team of tradespeople dedicated to working on your build until its completion, also contributes to the cost-effectiveness of modular projects.

6. Better For The Environment

Modular construction also has a significantly lower impact on the environment. Here at Tasbuilt Commercial, we are able to monitor and control the collection and disposal of all waste produced during construction at our Westbury factory. And of course, we are able to eliminate the usual building litter and debris at your site, which usually builds up from construction works. With modular development, building supplies and tradespeople don't need to constantly travel to multiple locations, which means less fuel usage. Also, modular building times are far quicker and more efficient, so energy consumption is minimised.

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