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Football Club Change Rooms

Change rooms for the Bridgenorth Football Club designed to foster positive sports

Overcrowded changerooms, outdated facilities and no separate areas for women and girls from boys and men…these were a few of the issues that the Bridgenorth Football Club were having before choosing Tasbuilt Commercial as their builder of choice for a new, high-end change rooms facility.
Bridgenorth Football Club identified Tasbuilt Commercial as a potential problem-solver, and Tasbuilt Commercial were more than happy to work with the club to design a solution. The optimal agreed solution was to provide an entirely new change room facility for the females. This would provide the females with exceptional change rooms and amenities, and give the males and umpires more room in the existing facilities.

Tasbuilt worked with the club to design a space-efficient change room and amenities that included everything that would be needed. This included two sets of amenities, bench seating, shelving, whiteboards, and an operable wall. The operable wall enables the change room to be used as one large room for a single team or split into two rooms for opposing teams to use.

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