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4 reasons to invest in a quality office space

Tasbuilt Commercial love talking ‘office space’ – here’s our take on why its worth investing in a quality space

First impression is definitely a lasting one, in many things in life – and no less in the business world.

The first moment someone drives into your car park or steps into your reception area – you need to create wow very quickly or all is lost! Tasbuilt Commercial have some thoughts on what else a great office space can bring to your organisation – read on to find out ….

Customer perception

Office spaces as I mentioned are perceived quickly by all, customers, couriers, new hires etc etc.

Creating a space with great décor and aesthetics, in a bright and welcoming outlook is definitely necessary.

Consider standing out from the pack – engage a professional designer or developer to discuss location, situation, design….make it right from day 1!

Staff morale

A great office space is a great morale booster – make your business the ‘hip’ place that everyone wants to work at!

Think open plan, breakout areas, hydration stations, vertical gardens – the list of great ideas for office spaces these days is huge – your options are endless!

Above all the better it gets, the more pleasant, calming or creative you can make it – the more your staff will love coming to work – they won’t want to leave at the end of the day!

Gain respect from your suppliers

Create a first impression that wows your suppliers into thinking from the first intro – this is a business I want to do business with.

A well thought out, creative office space that’s looking great inside and out, tidy, clean with a healthy hum and vibrant atmosphere will have them coming back for sure!

Save on running costs

Think about your running costs – create a space that’s low maintenance, well ventilated, think double glazed windows, situated to catch the natural light.

It may pay to consider a new build rather than constantly reinventing the wheel as your team grows – old office spaces can become leaky, draughty etc

Keep it fresh, bright, clean and temperature controlled, and you will be saving $$ straight to the bottom line!


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