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5 ideas to boost staff productivity

A buzzing, productive office means a vibrant, dynamic workplace – just like Tasbuilt Commercial!

Open plan modular office with carpet tiles

We’ve included our five top ideas to boost productivity and lead your team to peak performance!

Celebrate victories no matter how small

When your staff see every win acknowledged, and an atmosphere of ‘everyone’s a winner’ they know they are really making a difference – gives them an incentive to get out of bed in the morning!

Give them the tools…

Make sure the everyday tools and equipment to keep the office humming are in peak condition… Nothing worse than hearing ‘the printers not working again’….. keep things humming nicely, so your team can move like a well-oiled machine!

Answer questions

If your team are unsure of something, make sure as a manager you are approachable, and eager to help – better for an employee to ask how something is to be done, than take a punt and create a problem that needs fixing! Be a listener, but get back to them quickly with queries – the confirmation will keep them confident and they’ll be happier and more productive if they know their boss or supervisor cares.

Small incentives along the way

Lunch for the team on a Friday, early knockoff, a $10- gift card – all these things make your staff feel incentivised to try their best, and work harder for a generous boss! Birthday cake to share on their birthdays is another great way of saying you care, and the whole team can join in the well-wishes!

Know your employees backgrounds

Knowing your employees backgrounds can go a long way in helping you both understand each other. A young guy who works two jobs will have a totally different motivational mindset than a single mum working to support two kids – understanding it will help you structure a support system for each employee.


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