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Modern modular office designs

Find out more about designing a customised modular office - we're here to help!

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Tasbuilt Commercial have worked with a number of clients across Tasmania, ranging across locations from Burnie to Launceston to Hobart, to create modern modular office designs. Our experienced team work with our clients to adapt designs so that they are perfectly aligned to your companies requirements. Whether you are a sole operator, or a large scale primary producer or manufacturer, Tasbuilt can design and deliver a modular office to suit your needs.

Here are some key features to consider in your design:

Incorporate your corporate colours

Aligning your office spaces with your corporate brand strengthens your image with your clients, and gives your employees a greater sense of engagement an identity.

Maximise natural light

Improve the health and well being of your team and make your building more energy efficient by maximising natural light. Tasbuilt use double glazed windows in customised configurations to ensure your office is well lit and ventilated, as well as taking best advantage of views around your property. Internal glazing between rooms is a great way to increase team engagement and an increased sense of flow throughout the building.

Use bright fresh colours internally

Intelligent use of colour schemes can have a massive impact on the team working in your office space. Combined with some indoor plants and considerate lighting design, you can achieve a space where you team will be operating at their best 100% of the time

Consider building code requirements

Tasbuilt work with our clients to ensure the designs of our commercial buildings are compliant with all building code requirements, including emergency exits, disabled access, and accessible bathroom facilities


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