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Looking for Pricing Certainty for Your Next Commercial Build Project?

Tasbuilt Commercial are here to help with just that – read on to see how we’re bucking the trend of todays ‘over budget/behind schedule’ project management scenario.

The price of 'building' has exploded in recent times, in some cases by as much as 50%. Unfortunately, in today’s challenging environment, these figures are likely to climb further as building firms inflate project costs to cover themselves. This of course also leads to the scenario of an over-budget build, and with the supply chain issues most of the world is facing, a behind-schedule build is also a real possibility – but at Tasbuilt Commercial, we’re flipping this on its head and bucking the trend!

Here at Tasbuilt Commercial, our process allows us to guarantee a fixed cost from the second the contract is signed. This is due to a number of factors including design, manufacturing processes and the delivery of our builds. Our processes mean we have a full design brief and all necessary documentation prior to building works commencing in the factory, we have the job thoroughly scheduled into our systems and factory schedule, with fully itemised costings documenting exactly how much it will cost.

This streamlined process means we can work backwards from a client's brief and budget, with a design that covers all their needs and wants.

So as you can see, having costings locked in before manufacturing begins, gives project managers much more certainty. Of course, where and when necessary changes can be accommodated and cost accordingly throughout the project, with variations being duly documented and signed by both parties.

Not only that, but a modular construction project can also be completed up to 40% faster than a conventional project, this is due to the build being up to 80% completed in our factory. This controlled environment also means the labour pool is often more skilled tradesmen than conventional worksites, meaning a superior quality build. All these factors combined help ensure builds remain on schedule, with greater manufacturing efficiencies taking place in a controlled factory environment, also meaning site works can be occurring concurrently with the build happening in the factory.

This means our clients, whether they’re farmers looking for accommodation options, the education sector, councils or commercial developers, can also benefit from cost certainty, as well as better ROI because their required build can be delivered to the site quicker, more complete and can be occupied sooner.

During these uncertain times, modular can provide clients with price certainty, which is why we believe Tasbuilt Commercial is the answer to your next commercial project – reach out to us today on 1800 639 310


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