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Modular Office Block
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Hillwood cafe in Tasmania with raked ceiling

Tasmania is widely renowned for its fresh, clean farm produce, from cherries and strawberries, to apples, grapes and pears. Our rich soil and clean air and water produces some of the best fruit and vegetables in the world.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to bring this beautiful produce to meal tables and restaurants around the world. Great food needs great farms, and great farms need great farm workers, and great farm workers need great farm accommodation! This is where Tasbuilt steps up to help play a vital role.

Tasbuilt Commercial have worked with some of Tasmanian finest produce growers, including Websters Walnut Farm, Costa Berry Farm, and Hillwood Strawberry Farm, to design, supply and install farm accommodation buildings and other farm buildings such as farm offices, managers quarters, farm amenities buildings, farm crib rooms, and even farm gate shop buildings and cellar doors. The advantages of prefabricated farm accommodation buildings include a low risk, hassle free off site construction process, a fully customisable design range, and versatility for whatever changes may occur on the farm over the course of time.

Tasbuilt Commercial prefabricated farm worker accommodation provides clean, low maintenance accommodation for hard working farm workers. Tasbuilt are able to provide a complete solution from design to installation and connection of services, and even fitting out of the furnishings such as bunks, desks and storage cupboards. Features that can be included in our modular accommodation buildings include air conditioning, covered decking and outdoor areas, ensuites or shared bathrooms, built in storage, energy efficient lighting, and much more.

Our modular amenities buildings can be custom designed to cater for the farms workforce. Tasbuilt can take care of the design and install of the plumbing services, ensuring the entire process is streamlined and creates minimal disruption to the farm operations.

Farm managers quarters range for single bed cabins to full size family homes. Tasbuilt Commercial have an extensive range of standard designs to suit the requirements of the most discerning farm manager. Modular accommodation quarter simplifies the process and ensures the home is built to the highest standards.

Modular farm gate shops and cellar doors are a great way for many farms to gain extra revenue off the back of Tasmania's ever-growing tourist market. Tasbuilt works with farms, vineyards and orchards to create inviting and inspiring prefabricated shop buildings for the displaying, promoting and selling farm produce.

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