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Will modular construction replace concrete building one day?

An unpredictable outcome that only the future holds the answer to – but we’ve done our best to explain and expand.

Have you heard the term ‘modular construction’ become more and more popular in the jargon of anyone involved in the building industry? It’s no surprise if you have, in fact, it should be expected.

Whilst actual commercial modular buildings may not be so popular currently, it’s sure to be considered a viable and attractive alternative, over standard concrete buildings. And there’s a very good reason for them being considered as a better alternative. To help you understand how and why, we’ve explained the advantages of modular construction over concrete building.

Quicker Construction Time

By building 80% of the structure in the factory, under a controlled environment, and with resources readily available, it significantly reduces the overall build time. With a concrete build, this must be done on the final site, and a lot more factors must be considered, such as weather and transportation of materials, which add to the overall build time.

Lightweight and More Flexible

Concrete is a weighty material and contributes significantly to the overall weight of a building. Modular buildings use materials of just as good sturdiness and strength, but of much less weight. This results in a building that is much easier to transport and maintain.

More Reasonably Priced

Concrete buildings generally consist of a large amount of concrete, which is not exactly cost-efficient. What’s more is that when it gets damaged, it can be costly to replace or fix. On the other hand, building modular buildings in controlled environments means that money is saved on building time and resources, and in the case of damage or repair, it can be much easier to deal with.

Although modular buildings hold many advantages over traditional concrete buildings, it is uncertain as to whether modular will fully replace concrete buildings. Modular buildings may be an efficient and effective way of building, but concrete construction, as with other construction methods, is also finding ways to be more efficient, so whether it will be ever fully replaced is a question for the future.


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